First Newly Completed Project! Spring Blanket

So far, all the projects I have put in this blog have been completed awhile, and I just wanted to get them recorded before I gave them away.  This is actually a project from the “unfinished” pile and is now “Completed!”

IMG_3245This is the “Spring Blanket” from Mel Clark’s book Knitting Gifts for Baby. Love the pictures in the book, and the projects are really cute.  It is my first project with entrelac knitting, but I thought I would give it a try.  I had almost a full skein of Red Heart Love in “Lettuce”, but ended up having to buy 2 more. By the end I pretty much had the pattern memorized.

One problem I had. Either the pattern had an error, or I was completely confused when I got to the second row of squares. It said to slip a stitch to the right needle and “ssk”, but I ended up slipping a stitch to the left needle and “ssk” to make the count come out right.

Either way, the blanket turned out great, I think!  I’m planning to give it to a friend having a baby boy this June.  Hope she likes it!

IMG_3246 IMG_3252


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