I knitted a pair of socks!

IMG_3253Ever since I started knitting (a couple years ago), I have thought it would be really cool to knit myself a pair of socks. My mom, who has knitted for over 50 years, does not knit socks. I have never seen evidence that either of my grandmothers, who were also experienced multi-crafters, knitted socks.  But I always have felt that if one is going to knit, they should be able to make their own socks. I am, after all, preparing for the zombie apocalypse. 🙂

I decided to start with baby size, as always, to cut down on cost and time investment, just in case the worst happened. I became brave after my beginning experience with Tin Can Knits. Alexa and Emily are THE BEST pattern writers for beginners. So I made the little green pair you see below.  Very cute, but the wrong size for my size 8 feet. I used the Rye pattern from the Simple Collection.IMG_3254

Once you have done a few hats and are comfortable with knitting in the round, this pattern really isn’t tough at all. You just have to keep track of your stitches. So I was able to make a few baby-size pairs and a 1st grader size pair, and decided I was ready for MY pair. I get bored easily, so I decided to try a new pattern.

IMG_3255I bought a book that looked good, with lots of cute sock patterns and decided to get to work on a basic pair of socks.  I had two partial skeins of yarn and decided to use them. Since the Rye pattern uses a flap and gusset heel, I thought I would try as short heel as described in The Big Book of Socks. I got the leg done, but after several attempts, I just could not figure out her instructions for a short heel. Maybe if I had some experience with short heels, but there were no explanations for how to turn the heel. So I went back to my trusty Rye pattern, and made a flap and gusset heel and continued the sock in stockinette stitch. So it basically ended up a Rye sock, but without the garter stitch strip down the top.  I wore them last night while watching TV (it must have been 80 degrees out side, didn’t care), and they are AWESOME!

I still want to try my hand at a short heel and I’m thinking of taking one of the sock classes on Craftsy. Either this cuff-down one by Donna Druchunas, or Socks My Way by Lara Neel. But first I need to finish some other projects. I really won’t need any socks for several months…


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