Two more quilt tops!

I’m really going to town, finishing up these projects.  Last week I finished up this small table-top size quilt top. I got the fabricIMG_3285 IMG_3284and block patterns at a shop hop a couple years ago. Yes. there seems to be a number of those…  Since it really fits with the Forth of July, I want to get it done this week so I can give it to a good friend who always has us over for dinner and fireworks.

The other project finished is this Marvel Superhero quilt. IMG_3277It was requested a few years ago, and I finally figured out how to incorporate the different fabrics. I made 8.5 inch IMG_3280squares of the comic fabrics and alternated with blocks made of solid colors. The color pairs of each block represent different Avengers (blue/white = Cap, red/grey = Thor, green purple = Hulk, red/yellow = Iron Man. I think it turned out pretty well, but now I have to make a Batman one for the recipient’s brother! 🙂


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