More knitting…

So over the Summer I completed a lot of knitting and sewing some quilt tops.  I completed a couple of baby sweaters.  These to sweaters are Prairie Fire by Tin Can Knits.  The yellow one is newborn size made out of I love this cotton and the blue one is 12 month (I think) made out of a Deborah Norville acrylic I picked up on sale. I had enough for a pair of socks, so I made a pair of Rye, also Tin Can Knits.

IMG_20150915_080419 IMG_20150915_080400

I also made myself a pair of socks.  I bought some wool at my lys, Knit!, but I don’t remember the brand. They are granola, also Tin Can Knits. (Have I mentioned I LOVE their patterns?) The yarn is nice and soft.  I put them on to take this picture, and now I don’t want to take them off! 🙂

IMG_20150915_085213 IMG_20150915_085248


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