Two more from Lizzie Kate

OK, so here are two more cross stitch patterns I finished up in the last couple of weeks. Hip Hop is a little late, but I’ve never been one to limit my holiday celebrating. Buzz I picked up after my LNS went to the Needlework show in Nashville. These little cushions have been growing in popularity with the designers, and they look really cute, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them! 🙂  IMG_3264 IMG_3265


Finishing some Cross Stitches

With the Summer off, I’ve been clearing out a number of partial projects.  The first to report are some cross stitches I had completed over the last several months but did not finish off.


First is this Pin Money Pocket by Summer House Stitch Works I stitched up a couple months ago. I saw it on Facebook awhile ago on a prim stichers group and decided I needed to have it. Now that I have it, I don’t know what I will do with it!

I also had one by Little House Needleworks called IMG_3260“Giving Thanks”. It had an included bonus design as well. It kind of says it all…

It’s never to early to think about those Christmas projects.  I started this Christmas one by Plum Street Samplers back in January, but got sick of the 40 count linen I was doing it on. I finally got some reading glasses in order to finish it without killing my eyes and finished it up a couple of weeks ago.  Instead of finishing it up as three ornaments as shown on the pattern, I ended up IMG_3258doing a patchwork and finishing it that way. I’ve started finishing most of my cross stitches as little “wall-quilts” simply because it is easier than framing them, I think.

Last up are a few from Lizzie Kate, who I LOVE. Two of them are stitch themed, but the last was the most recent Mystery Sampler.  It’s a great quote from Helen Keller. And now that I have finally finished it up, she’s releasing another!  I think I’ll head over to the shop this afternoon and get my name on the list…IMG_3259

IMG_3261 IMG_3262