Two more quilt tops!

I’m really going to town, finishing up these projects.  Last week I finished up this small table-top size quilt top. I got the fabricIMG_3285 IMG_3284and block patterns at a shop hop a couple years ago. Yes. there seems to be a number of those…  Since it really fits with the Forth of July, I want to get it done this week so I can give it to a good friend who always has us over for dinner and fireworks.

The other project finished is this Marvel Superhero quilt. IMG_3277It was requested a few years ago, and I finally figured out how to incorporate the different fabrics. I made 8.5 inch IMG_3280squares of the comic fabrics and alternated with blocks made of solid colors. The color pairs of each block represent different Avengers (blue/white = Cap, red/grey = Thor, green purple = Hulk, red/yellow = Iron Man. I think it turned out pretty well, but now I have to make a Batman one for the recipient’s brother! 🙂


Penny Sampler Quilt

IMG_3269A couple years ago I began an online quilt class by Rachel Hauser at Stitched in Color.  The Penny Sampler Quilt was so beautiful, I had to make it.  And some of the techniques were new, so I decided I had to give it a shot.  Well, I didn’t finish it at the time, and it sat and sat, but I finally finished it last week!  I am so excited that it is done, and the piles of fabric are off my floor!!!  Well the top is done, so now I need to sandwich it and quilt it. Rachel’s suggestion is for a combination of tieing and large quilt stitches, and that sounds about right.

IMG_3270One of the more challenging techniques I worked on in this quilt was foundation paper piecing. There were several different blocks to challenge me. The toughest was this dala horse. There were so many seems to match up! My husband also wants me to add a tea bag and some steam to this tea cup, so I still need to add that…IMG_3272

There were also some applique pieces.  These houses were pieced rectangles, with the roofs IMG_3274appliqued on top.  There were also some “dilly birds” with some machine stitch sketching to add detail. Loved how they turned out!IMG_3271

Several of the blocks allowed me to practice piecing some blocks precisely, carefully matching seams. I really think I improved with that, when I compare later blocks with some of the blocks I pieced awhile ago!

I don’t know if I made the best fabric choices; I’m not great at that, and this quilt used SO many fabrics that sometimes I was quite random about it, and sometimes just picked stuff I liked without knowing if it worked.  I think I could have put in more solids to keep it from being too busy. But overall I like it very much and I’m proud of it!    IMG_3275 IMG_3276

A Black and White Quilt

IMG_3266A few years ago I picked up the fabric for this quilt at a shop hop done locally in the Orlando area.  I drove to 8 different shops over the course of a weekend, at each one I collected the pieces for a quilt block 12 inches square.  I pieced each of the blocks, but never did anything with them. In the spirit of the “Summer of completing projects”, I picked out a print for the middle and some white on white for sashing and put the top together!  My mom has claimed it as a Christmas gift, which sounds good to me, so I won’t have to wrack my brains to find a gift now! It’s about 40 inches square, so it should be a good size for TV watching. It is now on the pile of finished tops, ready to be sandwiched and quilted.  I’ll probably tie it, so it shouldn’t be too bad a job.

IMG_3267 IMG_3268