The Runaround Bag

IMG_3286So I saw a facebook post from Joan Hawley at Lazy Girl Designs saying that Craftsy is offering a special deal on her new class. Since the price of the class is now $20, which is less then the price of the three included patterns, I decided to gice it a shot.  I spend more than that on 5 trips to Starbucks. I have made several zippy bags, but I have been seeing an awful lot of Bendy Bags on Instagram. I figured Joan might be able to give me some new tips. Yesterday I made the Runaround bag, which is a simple cute purse with one outside pocket. The design is similar to what my 12 year old wants in a “satchel” (not a purse, thank you), so I made one with my fabric choices as practice.

Overall, I like the design of the bag and class segment I watched (I still have yet to make my bendy bag). The bag is very similar to the zippy pouches I made in the the other craftsy class I watched. The major difference is that Joan’s Runaround bag has exposed seams inside, which is a consequence of the method of construction. In the future, I might combine the patterns to allow for seams that are not exposed.

I used linen, because I REALLY like it. So instead of a pretty design, I appliqued some english paper pieced hexies on the IMG_3287front.  I even fussy cut the puppy dog on the blue hex! The back pocket I randomly pieced and added some crochet lace as trim. I could have really gotten crazy with some embroidery and such, but I really wanted to just make the bag.  Maybe one day I’ll combine bits and pieces of several skills – embroidery, quilting, sewing – to really have a jazzy bag.


Zipper Pouches

IMG_3234Before I discovered this pattern, I hated zippers.  My mother, who has been sewing for much longer, still hates zippers.  This kind of pouch is EASY.  It is a free class on craftsy, and the designer, Kristin from Sew Mama Sew, posted instructions for additional sizes from coin purse/id card holder to ipad case here.

I did some mix and matching with most of these.  I con NOT through away any scrap, no matter how small, so I just keep sewing them together to make bigger pieces!  You can’t tell from the pictures, but I also added some lace trim to some of them. I might make some with embroidery sometime.IMG_3233